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Explore the Best AI Tools of 2023 and Boost Your Life

    There are numerous AI tools available that cater to a wide range of use cases, and ChatGPT is only one of them. I have spent a significant amount of time exploring hundreds of these tools, and I would like to showcase the best AI tools of 2023 that I found most impressive and beneficial. Some of them are astounding and genuinely helpful tools, while others are still in the early phases of development but are worth mentioning.

    Best AI Tools of 2023:

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    Video Generator and Editing AI Tools

    Text-to-video generators are worth exploring. Recently, some very impressive AI tools for video and animation creation and editing have been released.

    RUNWAY ML – AI Systems for Image and Video Synthesis

    RunwayML has released text-to-video software that looks impressive, and its suite of tools is the largest with unique features. These include text-to-color grading, object removal, image expansion, colorizing, and converting low-resolution photos to high-resolution. It offers the ability to alter videos with text prompts or image styles. Its text-to-color grading feature instantly adjusts scene color balance based on your input. Its amazing Super Slow-Mo feature is a great way to make any video look smooth and cinematic in slow motion, no matter what frame rate it was shot at. The tools can be tested for free but can only be exported at 720p resolution, with higher resolutions available for a monthly fee of $12.

    Runway - Advancing creativity with artificial intelligence.
    Runway – Advancing creativity with artificial intelligence.

    IMAGINE – Google’s Text-to-Video AI

    The Imagen Video developed by Google is an AI model that utilizes text-to-video generation technology to produce high-quality videos based on textual prompts. It looks absolutely insane. By inputting a text prompt, the AI generates a video that matches the given text. However, to prevent potentially harmful applications, Google is currently keeping the system private.

    Imagen_ Text-to-Image Diffusion Models

    MAKE-A-VIDEO – META’s Text-to-Video AI

    Make-A-Video is a cutting-edge AI system that creates videos from text, based on recent progress in text-to-image technology. The system uses images with descriptions and unlabeled videos to learn about the world’s appearance and movement, allowing users to generate unique videos with just a few words or lines of text. META aims to make the technology accessible to the general public in the future. However, currently, they are focused on analyzing, testing, and trialing the system to ensure that each stage of its release is deliberate and safe.

    Meta's Make-A-Video

    KAIBER – Create Animation with AI Generation

    Kaiber is currently the most impressive option available for generating videos. You can either input a prompt or upload an image and add a prompt, and the system will create visually appealing videos. Although there is still room for improvement, the system has the capability of producing some amazing videos. Furthermore, users can upload their own songs and customize their style to generate music videos. This technology has already been used by Linkin Park to create a music video that has gained 22 million views.

    Kaiber AI Video Generation

    LEIA PIX – Turn your Image into Depth Animation

    Leia Pix is another AI-based tool that can transform photos into depth animations, giving them a 3D-like effect. Users can modify the angle, speed, and animation style according to their preferences, resulting in stunning visuals. The tool is available for free.

    LeiaPix Converter _ Depth Animations

    Nvidia Broadcast – Enhance Audio and Video Quality with AI

    Nvidia offers a range of exceptional AI products that are highly impressive. One of their notable products is Nvidia Broadcast, which is ideal for enhancing audio and video quality. This tool can effectively eliminate background noise and echoes, replace video backgrounds, auto frame, and remove noise. Furthermore, it has a unique feature that I haven’t come across elsewhere – it allows users to maintain eye contact even while looking at a script or teleprompter off-camera. This feature edits the eyes to make it appear as if the user is looking directly at the camera at all times.

    NVIDIA Broadcast App_ AI-Powered Voice and Video _ NVIDIA

    Deep Nostalgia – Animate your Family Photos

    Deep Nostalgia is an AI tool that has been created by MyHeritage, a genealogy website. This innovative tool utilizes advanced video reenactment technology to animate faces in old family photos, thereby generating high-quality, realistic video footage that breathes new life into cherished memories.

    Best AI Tools For Presentation

    SYNTHESIA – Create Videos with Lifelike AI Presenters

    Synthesia allows you to select an avatar and an AI-generated voice to present any script that you upload. This is particularly useful for creating instructional or product demonstration videos.

    Synthesia _ #1 AI Video Generator and AI Video Creator
    Synthesia _ #1 AI Video Generator and AI Video Creator

    D-ID – Turn Photo to AI Presenter

    D-ID is a web-based application that utilizes advanced text-to-speech and real-time face animation technology to create a realistic and immersive conversational AI experience. It enables users to transform photos into AI presenters, where they can choose an avatar to interact with ChatGPT naturally. The system is powered by Stable Diffusion and GPT-3, and the self-service studio allows users to create personalized, cost-effective, and engaging videos that can effectively convey their ideas.

    D-ID Make AI Generated Videos From Photos _ The Creative AI Platform
    D-ID Make AI Generated Videos From Photos _ The Creative AI Platform

    TOME – AI-generated Presentations with Text and Images

    Tome is a remarkable tool that can create complete presentations based on a single prompt. You just need to enter the subject and a brief description, and Tome will produce engaging text and personalized images in a compelling story-like format. The output is also highly customizable. Although it may not be perfect on the first attempt, it provides an exceptionally good framework to work with, allowing you to modify and add information as needed.

    Tome - shape and share your ideas with AI
    Tome – shape and share your ideas with AI

    Best AI Tools for Learning

    CAKTUS – AI Assistant for Schoolwork

    CAKTUS is an AI-powered tool that can assist with a wide range of academic tasks. Its AI writer can generate essays in a matter of minutes, and can also enhance the content that has already been written by expanding sentences, correcting grammar, formatting the style, as well as creating citations. Additionally, there are dedicated sections for STEM fields and coding, which offer powerful tools for students. This versatile tool can also be used for studying with features to take notes from the text automatically.

    Caktus AI
    Caktus AI

    WISDOLIA – AI-generated Flashcards

    Wisdolia is an immensely useful tool that can enhance your online learning experience. By creating flashcards from any website, you can actively engage with the content and solidify your knowledge. With just a few clicks, Wisdolia can generate question-and-answer flashcards that aid in remembering the material you read in an article. You can save these flashcards in Anki and utilize their spaced repetition system, which helps counter the forgetting curve and improves long-term retention. This free extension comes highly recommended for anyone looking to optimize their online learning.

    Wisdolia – Generate flashcards from any YouTube video, article, or PDF
    Wisdolia – Generate flashcards from any YouTube video, article, or PDF

    Best AI Tools for Productivity

    Some of the latest productivity tools are being equipped with ChatGPT integration, which can be seen across various websites and email platforms

    MERLIN – ChatGPT Powered Browser Extension

    Merlin is an AI-powered personal assistant that utilizes ChatGPT, available as a browser extension. With Merlin, you can effortlessly complete a variety of tasks. The Merlin Chrome Extension provides quick access to ChatGPT’s capabilities directly from your browser, making it a seamless addition to your daily routine. It can be used free of charge, but there is a daily limit of 51 queries.

    Merlin AI _ One-click access to ChatGPT & GPT-4 on all Websites
    Merlin AI _ One-click access to ChatGPT & GPT-4 on all Websites

    SUPERHUMAN – A High-performance Email Client Using AI

    Superhuman is a user-focused email client with AI capabilities. It is a productivity application that makes use of AI to help users prioritise their email and work more effectively. Some key features of Superhuman are keyboard shortcuts, a snooze feature, insights on email, read receipts, message templates, and advanced search capabilities. Superhuman employs AI to propose answers to users and may assist users in organising and prioritising their inboxes based on the sender, content, and behavior.

    Superhuman _ Blazingly fast email for teams and individuals
    Superhuman _ Blazingly fast email for teams and individuals

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot

    Microsoft has recently announced the launch of Dynamics 365 copilot, the world’s first AI copilot for both Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). This new technology incorporates AI across Microsoft’s entire suite of software. With this new tool, users can generate their first draft, shorten or rewrite it, and receive feedback in Word. In PowerPoint, users can create beautiful presentations using just a single prompt. Additionally, in Excel, it can analyze data and create visualizations, while in Outlook, it can write emails and automate repetitive tasks. All of these features and more are available with just natural language input.

    Dynamics 365 AI _ Microsoft AI
    Dynamics 365 AI _ Microsoft AI

    Google’s new AI features within Gmail and Google workspace

    Similar to Microsoft Dynamics 365 copilot, Google is set to launch new AI features in the near future that will include AI capabilities in Gmail and Google Workspace. These features will allow users to draft, summarize, brainstorm, proofread, generate formulas for Sheets, and create images for presentations, and automate repetitive tasks. These features will be great for boosting productivity.

    Announcing new generative AI experiences in Google Workspace _ Google Workspace
    Announcing new generative AI experiences in Google Workspace _ Google Workspace

    NOTION AI – Note-taking and Productivity App with AI Assistant

    Notion is one of the leading note-taking app known for its flexibility and versatility, enabling users to create unique layouts and arrange their notes in numerous ways. Notion has integrated AI into its platform, offering writing, summarizing, and brainstorming features natively within the app. This makes it easy to access these tools whenever necessary. Also, it facilitates teamwork, making it simple to exchange notes and work on projects with others.

    REWIND – AI-powered Search Engine for your Life

    Rewind is a cutting-edge tool designed to give people flawless memories. It can recall every detail you have seen, heard, or spoken, earning the title “search engine for your life.” Rewind is a useful tool for remembering vital information because it doesn’t take up much space on your computer thanks to amazing compression technologies.

    Rewind AI - Find anything you’ve seen, said, or heard
    Rewind AI – Find anything you’ve seen, said, or heard

    3D Generation AI Tools

    VERSY – Build AI-generated Virtual Worlds

    Versy is an innovative text-to-space AI generative tool. This amazing tool allows you to start with a text prompt and generate a customizable virtual experience that includes different virtual spaces and rooms that can be connected together. You can add objects and view them from every angle, which is really exciting to think about. The emergence of this technology brings the metaverse into reality earlier than anticipated. _ Text-to-Space _ Text-to-Space

    NVIDIA OMNIVERSE – AI-powered Tool to Create Metaverse Applications

    The NVIDIA Omniverse platform is a set of tools for 3D artists with real-time collaboration and pipeline modelling. It enables the collaboration of designers, engineers, and artists on challenging projects in a shared virtual environment. It utilizes a wide range of software programmes and tools. Real-time observation and interaction with complex 3D worlds are made possible by a mix of AI, simulation, and renderer technologies. It is intended to speed up teamwork and cut down on the time and expenses needed to produce 3D material of a high standard.

    Omniverse Platform for OpenUSD Development and Collaboration _ NVIDIA
    Omniverse Platform for OpenUSD Development and Collaboration _ NVIDIA

    LUMA LABS – Create 3D Scenes and Assets from Photo

    Luma Labs enables the creation of photorealistic 3D scenes and assets within seconds. By capturing a room or environment and uploading it, Luma Labs transforms it into a 3D world, allowing for easy navigation. Additionally, Luma Labs offers the ability to upload photoreal game assets from a mobile device into any game engine.

    Luma AI - Capture anything and turn into 3D asset
    Luma AI – Capture anything and turn into 3D asset

    WIST LABS – Turn your Regular Video into a 3D Scene

    Wist Labs has the ability to transform your ordinary videos into an immersive 3D scene, bringing your memories to life. By converting your videos into 3D, they can be utilized in augmented or virtual reality applications.

    Wist _ Step Inside Your Memories
    Wist _ Step Inside Your Memories

    REIMAGINED HOME – AI-generated Interior Designs

    Reimagined Home allows you to utilize AI to generate home design ideas and visualize them in 3D. You can experiment with various interior or exterior arrangements and visualize the changes, such as trying out a new couch or different hardwood floors.

    REimagine Home_ AI-powered Interior Design Ideas
    REimagine Home_ AI-powered Interior Design Ideas

    Domain Expert AI Tools

    DO NOT PAY – The AI Lawyer at your Pocket

    DoNotPay is an AI-powered chatbot trained on legal documents to help consumers with legal matters. The chatbot can assist customers with a wide range of legal problems, including fighting parking tickets, cancelling subscriptions, and even filing lawsuits. By utilising AI and automation, the firm hopes to make legal services more accessible and affordable for everyone.

    DoNotPay - Your AI Consumer Champion
    DoNotPay – Your AI Consumer Champion

    Music Generation AI Tools

    SOUNDRAW – Amazing AI Music Generator

    Soundraw is a music generator that offers a variety of styles for creating music suitable for YouTube videos, podcasts, and ads. Users can customize the energy level, instrument selection, melody, and fills of the music, and also choose the mood, theme, genre, length, and tempo. This highly customizable feature allows users to sync the music with different moods of their video.

    MUBERT – AI Music Generator with Best Free Option

    Mubert is an AI-generative music tool that can generate tracks that are perfectly tailored to your content on any platform. Mubert offers a free option for users, which allows you to generate up to 25 tracks monthly. While it may not be as customizable as Soundraw, it still provides good music, and all you need to do is add attribution to use it.

    Voice Generation AI Tools

    ELEVEN LABS – Clone Your Voice

    Eleven Labs is the best voice clone I tried, resulting in the most realistic-sounding voice. You can upload recordings of your own voice, then feed it a script, and it will speak in your voice with the same pauses and intonation, it’ll change inflection and emotion based on the content. It’s pretty crazy how good it is at this now.

    POLY – Human-like Voice Assistants for Customer Support offers human-like voice assistants for customer support, utilizing AI technology to answer incoming calls. According to the company, these voice assistants are capable of resolving 50% of customer needs without the need for them to speak with an actual person.

    Customer-Led Voice Assistants _ PolyAI
    Customer-Led Voice Assistants _ PolyAI

    Image Generation AI Tools

    DALL·E – Amazing Text-to-Image AI by OpenAI

    DALL·E 2 is an advanced AI system developed by OpenAI that can produce realistic images and artwork based on natural language descriptions. It’s a deep learning model that uses a modified version of GPT-3 to generate digital images from textual prompts. My favourite feature of the DALL·E is the outpainting feature, which allows the AI system to generate images that go beyond the boundaries of a given prompt or object. This technology offers new possibilities for creating visual material quickly and efficiently.

    STABLE DIFFUSION – Create Beautiful Art Online for Free

    Stable Diffusion is an AI model that generates photo-realistic images from text inputs, while ControlNet is a neural network structure that adds extra conditions to control Stable Diffusion and enables it to use additional input conditions for spatial consistency. ControlNet has solved the problem of efficiently telling the AI model which parts of an input image to keep. This is a game changer for AI image generation and empowers people to create stunning art within seconds.

    MIDJOURNEY – Amazing Text-to-Image Generator

    Midjourney is an AI application that uses natural language processing to produce visuals from textual prompts, similar to DALL·E and Stable Diffusion. It is my favorite text-to-image generator as it’s built a community around it. Its underlying technology is not yet known, but it allows users to create artwork using commands given to its Discord bot. Midjourney is an exciting new tool for creatives looking to improve their workflow and production with the help of cutting-edge AI technology.

    NVIDIA CANVAS – Turns your Blobs into Realistic Landscapes

    Nvidia Canvas is an enjoyable platform to experiment with, where users can paint simple shapes and lines and utilize the provided materials palette to produce photorealistic landscapes. With a variety of presets available, users can modify the appearance of the image and create panoramic views up to 360 degrees.

    NVIDIA Canvas App_ Turn Simple Brushstrokes into Realistic Images with AI
    NVIDIA Canvas App_ Turn Simple Brushstrokes into Realistic Images with AI

    AUTODRAW – Turns your Rough Drawings into Icons

    Autodraw is a tool that enables users to draw faster by guessing what they are trying to draw and providing a variety of options to choose from, making it a convenient and efficient method of creating quick and visually appealing graphics.

    AUTODRAW - Turns your Rough Drawings into Icons
    AUTODRAW – Turns your Rough Drawings into Icons

    AI Tools for Business and Branding

    MIXO – Website Generator AI

    Mixo is a website creator that can design a complete landing page, brand name, logo, and copy in just a few minutes based on a single business idea prompt. It also offers subscriber management tools for email lists. Users can test it for free by inputting a product idea and then gauge demand by driving traffic and tracking email sign-ups before building out the full site and product.

    Mixo _ Launch your website in seconds
    Mixo _ Launch your website in seconds

    LOOKA – Logo Design and Branding AI

    Looka is a platform that offers a simple process to create a logo for your brand. To get started, you need to input your business name and choose a few logo styles and colors that you like. Luca will generate hundreds of logos that you can customize according to your preferences.

    Logo Design & Brand Identity for Entrepreneurs _ Looka
    Logo Design & Brand Identity for Entrepreneurs _ Looka

    Copywriting AI Tools

    There are a lot of options for writing copy in short or long form.

    JASPER – AI Chat for Writers

    Jasper is a top-rated writing tool for long-form content that focuses on SEO optimization and prevents plagiarism. It is capable of generating copy for Facebook ads, providing writing ideas, and supporting 25 languages. While there are several similar tools available in the market, Jasper stands out due to its versatility. Users can test out the first 10,000 words for free before committing to the platform.

    Jasper - AI Copywriter _ AI Content Generator for Teams
    Jasper – AI Copywriter _ AI Content Generator for Teams

    COPY AI – Create Content In Seconds with AI

    Copy AI is a tool that has a similar function as Jasper, but it is specifically designed to focus on creating high-converting sales copy.

    Copy.ai_ Write better marketing copy and content with AI
    Copy.ai_ Write better marketing copy and content with AI

    WRITESONIC – Create SEO-optimized and Plagiarism-free Content

    WriteSonic is also similar to Jasper and provides a variety of high-quality templates.

    Writesonic - Best AI Writer, Copywriting & Paraphrasing Tool
    Writesonic – Best AI Writer, Copywriting & Paraphrasing Tool

    MOONBEAM – AI Writer Tool for Longer Content

    Moonbeam is geared towards helping users create longer and more in-depth content such as essays, lesson plans, and newsletters. It offers a variety of features to assist with this, including templates and tools to help with organizing ideas and structuring the piece. Moonbeam’s focus on longer-form content makes it a valuable tool for writers, educators, and anyone who needs to create in-depth written materials.

    Moonbeam - Never write from scratch again.
    Moonbeam – Never write from scratch again.

    QUILLBOT – AI Tool for Paraphrasing

    Quillbot is an amazing AI tool for paraphrasing and working around AI detectors. It has a Chrome extension and you may use it for free for shorter content. With the paid version you can paraphrase longer pieces of content. It also provides options for the words to choose to add your personal touch to the text.

    Paraphrasing Tool - QuillBot AI
    Paraphrasing Tool – QuillBot AI

    AI Detectors

    ORIGINALITY AI – AI-generated Content Detector

    Originality AI is a tool that can check the authenticity of the content and detect if AI tools have been utilized in its creation. It comes with a range of features that allow users to scan an entire website for AI-generated content. Additionally, Originality AI provides a Chrome Extension that can quickly detect the use of AI writing tools, enabling users to ensure the credibility of their content.

    Originality: Accurate AI Content Detector and Plagiarism Checker
    Originality: Accurate AI Content Detector and Plagiarism Checker

    GLAZE – Protecting Artists from Style Mimicry

    Glaze is a technology company that is working on disrupting AI models’ capability to read their data. Glaze provides an essential tool for artists to prevent their unique artistic styles from being replicated by new AI art models like Mid-Journey and Stable Diffusion.

    Glaze - Protecting Artists from Generative AI
    Glaze – Protecting Artists from Generative AI

    Creepy AI Tools

    PIMEYES – AI Tool that Finds your Photos on the Internet

    Pimeyes is a tool that employs facial recognition to locate all pictures of a person on the internet. The search results are available for a fee, and the tool doesn’t scan social media platforms. Nevertheless, it can help individuals discover if their photos are being used elsewhere on the web.

    PimEyes_ Face Recognition Search Engine and Reverse Image Search
    PimEyes_ Face Recognition Search Engine and Reverse Image Search

    AI Tools Directories

    FUTURETOOLS – AI Tools Directory

    The market for AI tools is constantly expanding, and new tools are being introduced at an astonishing pace. FutureTools is a searchable database of all available AI tools, with new ones added regularly. FutureTools is user-friendly, allowing users to search by category or for specific tools. This platform can be an excellent resource for staying up-to-date on the latest AI tools available in the market.


    In conclusion, the ever-expanding world of AI tools may be daunting, but it presents an opportunity to improve various aspects of our lives. Despite some concerns about job replacement, AI tools can help streamline tasks, boost productivity, and even enhance creativity. With the vast array of AI tools available, there is something for everyone, whether you are a business owner, a creative professional, or someone simply looking to improve your personal life. So embrace the possibilities and explore the endless potential of AI tools to see how they can enhance your life.

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