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Learning Assistant

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Mondly, a fun and effective AI learning assistant, enhances language learning with real-life speaking practice and cultural immersion.
Online language-learning platform LingQ uses AI to provide personalized lessons and interactive activities, making it easy to efficiently m […] is an AI platform that provides personalized study plans, allowing students to track tasks, progress and stay organized.
Transcripter is an online transcription tool. It uses OpenAI's whisper automatic speech recognition to transcribe your audio files. The whi […] is your generative AI-powered learning app and community for the curious. Instantly create a course about any topic, in any langu […]
Wisdolia is an immensely useful tool that can enhance your online learning experience. By creating flashcards from any website, you can act […]
CAKTUS is an AI-powered tool that can assist with a wide range of academic tasks. Its AI writer can generate essays in a matter of minutes, […]