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15 Abilities of GPT4o that you Won’t Believe 

    OpenAI announced the latest and improved version of its AI, GPT-4o on Monday, 13th of May 2024. GPT-4o is the advanced language model of company’s GPT-4, that is designed to deliver more accurate and contextually relevant response to users. Also, it aims to give user an advantage in conversational tasks. It’s believes that the “o” stands for “Omni” that shows the OpenAI’s enhancements in GPT-4o for dialogue-based interactions. In this article, we aim to break down 15 abilities of GPT4o that you won’t believe and take a look at how they are going to help you.

    15 Abilities of GPT-4o

    1. GPT-4o can interact with the world via audio, vision, and text

    GPT-4o can now recognize and answer realistically to audio, vision, and texts. Let’s break it:

    • Audio Interaction: GPT-4o can understand and generate users’ spoken languages. It is capable of recognizing speeches to transcribe words to text and synthesizing speeches to generate speeches through text-to-speech.
    • Vision Interaction: GPT4o’s vision capabilities enable it to interpret and generate visual content, such as image recognition, image generation, and even problem solving by analyzing uploaded images.
    • Text Interaction: GPT4o’s core modality is text, where it has excellent excels in understanding and generating natural language. It can do Natural Language Processing (NLP) and develop coherent and contextually appropriate texts based on the input the user gives. So, it can write essays, answer your questions, provide summaries, and even write a story or create poetry.

    2. GPT4o conveys realistic emotions in voice responses

    The new product of chatGPT, GPT4o, is now equipped with an emotional voice model that can offer human-like qualities such as excitement, sarcasm, and even flirtatiousness. Thanks to its modern text-to-speech systems and integration of them with nuanced prosody, emotional embedding, human-like delivery, and contextual understanding, GPT-4o is capable of conveying realistic emotions in voice responses that are intelligible and emotionally compelling.

    3. GPT-4o can be interrupted conversation 

    GPT-4o allows users to interrupt the conversation by speaking, or it can interrupt your conversation, which makes the interactions more natural and intuitive. It has an input/output audio, native capability that hears directly and responds instantly. When it talks, you can interrupt the conversation, and it will react with an average response time of 320ms, and vice versa.

    4. GPT-4o acts as an interactive Tutor guiding you to the solution

    GPT-4o now acts like an interactive tutor that can guide users through problem-solving processes. It can understand the problems by asking multiple questions from users, then offers hints and tips instead of an entire solution. It will provide step-by-step guidance to users through problems when it’s crucial. Also, GPT-4o can provide immediate interactive feedback and has an excellent adaptive learning system that tutors based on the user’s responses.

    5. GPT-4o Real-time translation in dozens of languages

    GPT-4o now supports over 50 different languages, and it has proved a significant enhancement in the translation of texts for non-English languages. The multilanguage support is integrated with real-time translation capabilities,  which use Neural Machine Translation and encoder-decoder architecture models to allow users to overcome usual language obstacles and help them to have a better understanding by instant translation among groups.

    6. GPT-4o helps blind people by describing visuals

    To help blind people or those with low vision, the company developed my eye’s capability in GPT-4o. The model acts as a normal human that can prepare a good level of understanding and context for blind people. This GPT model has an effective response and process to visual inputs, where it can understand the text, visuals, and other contents uploaded by users and offers a new level of interaction with AI for blind people.

    7. GPT-4o can talk faster or slower

    Based on the content and user preferences, GPT-4o can talk faster or slower. This model’s speech speed uses the TTS engine to convert texts to spoken words. Users can have their own preferences and settings and adjust their talking speed faster or slower through real-time adjustments, content adaptation, auditory feedback, and user profile learning. This feature will be useful for users with hearing impairments, language learners, detailed tasks, and everything in between.

    8. GPT-4o can help you with validating dad jokes 😀 (it laughs!)

    GPT-4o is equipped with natural language processing capability, which enables it to validate dad jokes by analyzing their structure and humor. Dad jokes have a simple, pun-based humor. The model analyzes the structure of a dad joke for contextual understanding and then responds with gentle laughter and changing the vocal tune.

    9. GPT-4o can sing a lullaby and can even whisper

    The GPT-4o model uses advanced text-to-speech (TTS) technology, which enables it to sing a lullaby and even whisper. It has access to a database of popular lullabies with their melodies, which couples with the TTS engine to create a realistic singing voice. For a real experience of whispering, the system adjusts the output sound automatically and adds a breathy quality to the voice to mimic whispering.

    10. GPT-4o provides interview prep tips, including appearance feedback

    One of the valuable features of GPT-4o is interview prep, which can help your interview capabilities and improve your confidence. This model of chat GPT offers a virtual coach that can create an interview session that feels like a real-life scenario. It generates typical questions of an interview and then, based on users’ answers, gives them feedback and even simulates the pressure of an actual interview environment. It is offering coding challenges for programmers and solving them, and providing college interviews for applicants to test their personal and thinking expression and give them useful tips and feedback.

    11. GPT-4o uses sarcasm in responses 

    GPT-4o now can understand sarcasm and even use it in responses. Its advanced natural language processing capabilities allows it to understand the context, tone, and common sarcastic expressions of users. Analyzing the conversational cues of users identifies situations that can use sarcasm in responses where uses of irony, exaggeration, or understatement deliver its sense of humor or sarcasm. This ability allows GPT-4o to interact more naturally and dynamically with users.

    12. GPT-4o Identifies objects via camera and translates their name

    The flagship GPT-4o model can now identify objects via camera and translate their name. This process happens through the combination of computer vision and its natural language processing technologies, where the user takes the photo, and GPT-4o uses its advanced image recognition models to detect and identify objects within the photo. Now, it uses its improved language capabilities to translate the name of the object in the picture into the user’s preferred language. This feature can be used for real-time object recognition and translation, which will be helpful for people with difficulties being visually impaired, travelers, and learning new languages.

    13. GPT-4o can tell stories with varied emotional tones

    With an exciting improvement in GPT-4o’s sophisticated natural language processing abilities, you can now expect it to tell stories with varied emotional tones. GPT-4o model can understand contexts by input analyzing system, choose the proper words that could evoke specific emotions, and then create a sentence structure that matches the user’s desired mood. Moreover, it uses stylistic elements such as pacing, rhythm, and descriptive details to place the user in the emotional atmosphere of the story. By tracking users’ real-time feedback, can provide interactive adjustments to refine the emotional tone of the story,

    14. GPT-4o can Act as or interact with customer service

    The new model of chat GPT-4o can now be your personal assistant to act as or interact with customer service. With its new advanced natural language processing, GPT-4o can understand customers’ queries, understand their context, and create instant replies based on its predefined knowledge base. Moreover, it can have tailored interactions with customers based on their data and previous interactions. You can also add customization to its language and tone to match your brand’s voice. With seamless transitions and omnichannel presence capability, it can identify complex issues and solicit and record customer feedback at the end of the interaction. Customers can use GPT-4o’s offers, which are prepared based on their needs and preferences, or it can guide them through troubleshooting step-by-step for technical issues.

    15. GPT-4o Meeting assistants and meeting notes with multiple speakers capability 

    GPT-4o now can be used as your meeting assistant, where it benefits from its advanced speech recognition and natural language processing to take notes from multiple speakers. This capability of GPT-4o has excellent accuracy in detecting spoken content by different individuals. It can identify key points, decisions, and action items to create a summary or detail of the meeting. Also, it is able to seamlessly integrate with your email, calendars, and collaboration platforms to improve your communication and task management.


    The future revolution of AI is here, and it’s incredibly intelligent. Whether you are a simple student, a businessman, or a content creator and want to take a step further in your career, it’s time to check out the latest product from the OpenAI company. GPT-4o is extremely useful, user-friendly, incredibly intelligent, and just a little bit mind-blowing for users. Get ready to experience language, communications, and tasks much more easily and faster than you have ever done before with the unbelievable capabilities of GPT-4o.

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