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Runway ML

    Runway - Advancing creativity with artificial intelligence.
    Gen-2 by Runway
    Features and Use Cases:

    RunwayML has released text-to-video software that looks impressive, and its suite of tools is the largest with unique features. These include text-to-color grading, object removal, image expansion, colorizing, and converting low-resolution photos to high-resolution. It offers the ability to alter videos with text prompts or image styles. Its text-to-color grading feature instantly adjusts scene color balance based on your input. Its amazing Super Slow-Mo feature is a great way to make any video look smooth and cinematic in slow motion, no matter what frame rate it was shot at. The tools can be tested for free but can only be exported at 720p resolution, with higher resolutions available for a monthly fee of $12.

    AI Tool Features
    Video Generator, Video Editing