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    Features and Use Cases:

    Capture provide Blockchain driven provenance infrastructure to digital media for both traditional media and AI Generated media. By providing a tamper-proof history of digital content, it ensure authenticity of any digital media, allowing users to tell whether a media (Photo, piece of news) is authentic, AI generated, has been edited, etc.

    Capture currently has 4 product :
    1. Capture Cam : a mobile application designed to authenticate, register, and convert your photos and videos into traceable digital assets and NFTs in one click.
    2. Capture Dashboard : Desktop version of Capture Cam, not limited to photos and videos, and also acting as a decentralized storage facility
    3. Capture SDK : a powerful toolkit for developers to seamlessly integrate blockchain provenance into existing workflows. Register, manage, track, and monetize digital assets efficiently, enhancing transparency and creating new revenue streams.
    4. Capture Eye : A widget that could be easily integrated into a website, allowing visitor of the site to verify the authenticity of a media. This enable user to easily check whether a media is AI-generated or not.

    Capture is powered by Numbers Protocol

    AI Tool Features
    AI Detection, Developer Tools